Economic effects of oil spills

His traps dotted the swampy waters behind his house near Golden Meadow, a sprawling Economic effects of oil spills Economic effects of oil spills 80 miles south of New Orleans.

There are two main types of effects seen after the spill. An oil spill happens when liquid petroleum is released into the environment by vehicle, vessel or pipeline. Effects of Oil Spills 1. As a result, area officials wanted the state legislature to allow property tax to be paid based on current market value, which according to Florida State Rep.

This is seen in animals in the immediate vicinity of the oil spill and also by animals farther up the food chain. With the oysters gone, Harvey says he has half as many customers in a given month. The continued fishing ban was meant to assure the safety of seafood, and NOAA inspectors announced that as of 9 July, Kevin Griffis of the Commerce Department said, only one seafood sample out of tested did not pass, and even that one did not include "concerning levels of contaminants".

What is common in all of them is that the damage caused by them is permanent and takes a long time to clean up. The source of the spill are many. Loss of Tourism Activities: To prevent oil spill, exploration companies should provide adequate training for those in charge of well drilling.

The claims process has slowed as the company seeks to recover what it says are illegitimate claims from a settlement agreement it reached shortly after the spill. Hostilities and Civil Unrest: However, there are also many other business activities and sectors that can potentially suffer disruptions and loss of earnings.

If appropriate authorities fail to act fast, the economic effects of oil spill may become catastrophic. But he fears this may be the end of his business. Oil may seep out in the seabed if the sedimentary rock where if forms changes location as a result of natural occurrences.

Others in the fishing industry say it could take years to fully realize the spill's effects. Dolphins, sea otters, fish, countless species of birds and many oceanic mammals face these consequences. People aren't sport fishing, they aren't buying fuel at the marinas, they aren't staying at the little hotels on the coast and eating at the restaurants.

The physical environmental characteristics of the marine environment and coast also play a role in determining the range and extent of economic impacts. In BP's Initial Exploration Plan, dated 10 Marchit said that "it is unlikely that an accidental spill would occur" and "no adverse activities are anticipated" to fisheries or fish habitat.

While the long term issues causes by oil spills and their effects is yet to be fully observed, the daily problems are clear. It happens on a large scale and is mostly seen in water bodies.

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Economic Effects

Vitner and others fear a similar scenario this time: The explosion of the oil rig resulted in the deaths of 11 workers, and the free flowing of oil for 87 days. What is common in all of them is that the damage caused by them is permanent and takes a long time to clean up.

Therefore, in order to make the best assessment of damages caused by a spill, it is necessary to make comparisons of the post-spill recovery with the pre-spill status of the fishery. Environmental pollution is the release of harmful substances into the natural environments that cause adverse change.

Oil spill has direct and indirect effects on human beings and environment among which are the following: On 25 June, BP's market value reached a 1-year low. Similarly, the extent to which market confidence in the quality of seafood from the affected area is lost is also a major factor.In this post, I have discussed the economic effects of two very large oil spills in recent history.

While large events such as these get the lion’s share of media coverage (and deservingly so), oil spills are far more common than most people realize. Contamination of coastal areas with high amenity value is a common feature of many oil spills. In addition to costs incurred by clean-up activities, serious economic losses can be experienced by industries and individuals dependent on coastal resources.

8 Long Term Economic and Environmental Effects of the Gulf Oil Spill the world has witnessed 30 oil spills larger than the Exxon were already economic disaster areas even before this oil.

The total economic contribution includes direct, indirect and induced effects estimated by using annual landing values and IMPLAN data. The local purchases percentage was set at %.

How do oil spills affect people?

The number of jobs is rounded off. The BP oil spill has hammered the fishing and tourism industries along the Gulf of Mexico. But it appears the economic damage to the rest of the nation will be limited. Analysts say the spill will reduce economic growth by only about one-half of 1 percentage point this quarter, and even less during the second half of the year.

International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation Limited (ITOPF): Effects of marine oil spills (impact on coastal activities; impact on fisheries and mariculture).

See also ITOPF publication "Protection of Fish Farms and Mariculture Facilities from Oil Spills" (to be ordered, not online).

Economic effects of oil spills
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