What is your most prized possession

This content was written for Executive Homes. You need to call to get started. Thank you so much for sharing. So, yes, my most prized possession is a ring that I wear on my left hand to show that I have managed to hold on to my good wits and a good man for more years than I can believe.

People always want to see you do good, but never better than themselves. The trouble was, very few were built, and only a handful survive.

As for my character, her most prized possession is the photograph of she and her sister. For once, it didn't matter to him that every mouth in the Great Hall was wide open in shock. There is simply nothing as beautiful as new vinyl gleaming black, blacker than black and shiny, untouched by human hands.

At the top-right hand corner of the window, click the button with three dots on it, then Settings. I grew up with him, the first time I met him was at 3 or 4 years old in the reruns of the classic Adam West series, which was on Saturday mornings in a autonomic channel of Barcelona, I had a lot of fun watching the exploits of the crusader of the cape and his partner Robin, riding in a car as luxurious as the Batmobil, hitting the bad guys while the PAM!

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Rebekah Love Dorris October 18, at 8: It's just that you're so pale and your clothes are so dark Is Executive Homes are where you can find the expert Tulsa home builders, that can build you your most prized possession, your home. That look she gave Harry and himself when they done something incredibly stupid.

Prized Possessions

Yes, but he did cause a disruption. The ring I wear now has special meaning for two reasons. The way u portrayed Draco was fantastic! Loki stood hands out mustering up as much magic he could manage, and threw it at henchman number two's shocked face knocking him unconscious.

Nothing seems quite that important now. Second, the diamond which is now in place comes from a ring from my closest childhood friend, Patricia Butler, who left me her jewelry when she died too young of malignant melanoma.

What mattered was that he had Hermione Granger in his arms. He had lost galleons and the only girl he loved. Speculation about the content, design and format of the LP went on endlessly; my desire to own this record increased with the talk.

And then it did. The next day I again made the journey from home to the record store, my receipt, a tiny paper ticket to happiness, in my sweaty hand stuffed in my pocket for safe-keeping.

A whole heartedly laugh. Allowance was doled out and there were occasional opportunities to earn extra but those were few and far between.

My Most Prized Possession

Well sorry if I missed you but it's late and im kind of sleepy. Refresh this Yelp page and try your search again. Reply Joey Rudder October 18, at 2: Carefully, no fingerprints please, I slid the album from the sleeve and placed it on the turntable.

He wanted me to preach — end of story. He had no idea where he was or what happened after he advanced at those three pigs. Their eyes bulged, almost falling from their said human skulls. But there were many things that simply could not be replaced; photographs, family heirlooms, and special gifts; different things that had little or no dollar value but were priceless to all our hearts.

What can be better than that?

Your Prized Possession

In a way, the high point was giving the thing an identity.Most Prized Possession: Bobby Dean’s sign is his most prized possession and has storied history. “A black magic marker and piece of cardboard from a trashcan has literally kept me alive, fed me, drugged me, since ,” he declares.

Honor, high morals, intelligence, wit, charm, common sense, etc. Things get destroyed, and only time (or an accident) will rob me of my prized possession. "What is your most valuable possession?" This pointed question was asked randomly to several people at a busy intersection. The people were of various races and from all walks of life.

They were students, housewives, and business people, ranging from youth to retirement age. Five of these candid replies are submitted f. My most prized possession my Bible.

What Is Your Most Prized Possession in Life

I’ve had it since I became a born-again Christian in college. It’s all marked up with notes, and the pages are falling out—but I know exactly where they go. My prized possession isn’t even my vinyl copy of Astronaut, signed by all five original members, although it’s a close second.

My most prized possession is the Encore CD set of the first time I saw all five original members onstage together in Costa Mesa, California in What's your most prized possession?

You Are God’s Most Prized Possession

And I do mean a material possession, (not like your children, your spouse, or your pets. That's a whole 'nother category IMO) It doesn't have to be big or extravagant (or it could be!)It could be something small and simple.

What is your most prized possession
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