Why i want to become a principal

Rob, thanks for asking. They always had time to listen. Dan Kelley, principal of Smithfield High School in Smithfield, Rhode Island, and president-elect of the National Association of Secondary School Principals, says he often reaches out to teachers he thinks have administrative potential to offer encouragement and advice.

Do I sometimes make BIG mistakes. How do you work with other adults in the room, for example? Everyone in the room laughed and started to shout negative comments. However, you will need to stand firm at times and that is when your core is so important.

More Do you like tackling big-picture issues in education? Want to make a difference in the world.

Why do you think you can be a good assistant principal?

Really, it is ironic, in a kind of twisted way, that I ended up where I am, doing what I do. Try to focus on the following areas: For principals, even more than for teachers, every day is different.

Kelley often asks candidates to describe their professional-learning network, or PLN.

Why I Became a Principal

Being able to nurture young professionals and help them grow as teachers, coaches, and mentors is exhilarating. Knowing that, as a child, they may not let it go is difficult and will test your core when you have to look past the defiance to see the person before you.

Issues require immediate attention. Be proactive about seeking feedback. At the same time I saw the opportunity to become a building administrator as a way to make a positive impact on student learning in a broader sense.

Your abilities and experience that are required, or desired for the job. I knew that I wanted to help children and being a principal would allow me to help them in a different way.

However, I believe that I should do more. Info Do You Want to be a Principal? Be part of a bigger purpose. You can read them here. Who would want the job? It is a daunting task and often not appreciated. Pursue your degree or certification. Revisit the list when having second thoughts about your job.

We are committed to selecting a principal with vision who can advance our leadership position in our district. One of the first ways I experienced this new kind of challenge was when I participated in building and district committees. I love to get my hugs and smiles every day.Why do effective teachers make effective principals?

As a principal, communication and interpersonal skills are key to a rewarding and successful career in a leadership position. During a regular day for a principal, it's common to meet with and speak to a number of teachers, parents, and students about a variety of topics – something former.

Perhaps the article will support their reasons for deciding to become a school leader. Cathy A. Toll ([email protected]) is a consultant and university professor and a former principal, curriculum leader, and educational coach. Jul 13,  · To me becoming a school principal means that I will be able to positively impact the lives of students and help teachers grow as educators within their classrooms.

Being a teacher is a phenomenal experience, but the number of students a teacher affects is limited to the small number who come through the doors of the classroom.5/5.

One of the best responses to “Why do you want to be a principal?” came from an old high school friend of mine who, like me, pursued a career as an educator.

She caught up with me years later to ask my thoughts on becoming a principal. Learn how to become a school principal. Research the job description and the education and licensing requirements and find out how to start a career as a school principal. If you want to become a principal or move into an administrative role, contact the schools in your area to learn more about their programs.

With the growing presence of online learning, you may also consider those types of programs as well.

Why i want to become a principal
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